Dying light.jpg

Mental Health Awarenes Campaign

May 1 - May 31, 2021

Mental Health Awareness Month

As an individual who has struggled with mental health, I have found that facing my issues can be tough. However, projecting my thoughts and feelings into an image makes them easier to handle. It feels like I can visualize and deconstruct the issue, allowing me to cope with or even overcome my problem. These images are often dark and foreboding but when I lose myself inside them, I find I can better understand what I am facing. This image (above) is one of several I have printed for a collection titled The Mental Health Awareness Campaign Series.


The images are printed on Heavy cardstock. I chose this for two reasons. The heavy weight cardstock is versatile so the image can be framed or tacked up on the wall, dorm room style. Secondly, this was chosen because the paper and image will degrade over time. The hope for all people with any kind of health issue is that as time progresses so should the healing of one’s medical needs, whether they be mental or physical. Thus, as the image deteriorates, the expectation is it may not be as useful or needed as it once was. A visual reminder that time fades and erases pain.

I will be adding more images to this series as I edit them, so keep checking.


Also included in this campaign are my Black on Black skateboard Decks. Both CPD and Watergirl have helped me see the light in the dark as well. 

I am using my art in this series to raise awareness of Mental Health and help the suffering by donating to some organizations I support as well. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these images will be donated to the following 4 charities; Brain and Behavior Research FoundationNational Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)American Art Therapy Assosciation, and the You Rock Foundation.